_I always strive to find the interesting and unique idea.
_Style has its uses too. Style makes things look nice.
_Looking nice can always be useful.
_Effective creative thinking involves a lot of pottering about.
_I can get unnecessarily enthusiastic about a simple bold black line.
_I'm not superstitious but don't ask me to design in 13pt type.
_My best ideas are always discovered in the bath.
_I like Woody Allen, Elvis Presley, Ed Ruscha and Bob Gill.
_But not in that order and not all of the time.
_I like to doodle cartoon faces, most of the time they're smiling.
_I am an optimist but I worry too much.
_I will always be a wannabe something or other.
_Ginger is the new black.
_If at first you do succeed, try, try again.
_I must admit, I do love to kern.